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My name is Leann Alexander and I will be taking you on your virtual tour of Hims-N-Purrs. I work happily for the kitties you will see in the coming pages and it is truly a labor of love. Breeding kittens for profit is NOT a reason to bring these precious creatures into this world! I strongly discourage anyone who has that in mind. People breeding these animals just for profit will effect all of our lives as this is why legislation is sweeping our country against breeders, the good as well as the bad.  Breeding should only be done if your goal is to improve the health, purrsonality and type of the breed. If you would like to learn more about the legislation that is affecting all pet loving people in the US you can go here.

I love every one of my kitties as they are a part of my family. Kittens are cautiously raised until I feel they can safely exist with three children, one husband and two Mastiffs (come meet Magnus & Zeena here!) of our own. We are very proudly fostering English Mastiff's through the Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue. Kittens that leave here are ready to take on the world as they are very well adjusted to an active household. girl01

A little about myself...

As I mentioned, I am a mother of three human children ranging between the ages of 9-16. I am a full-time mom and kitty keeper. I also do work inspecting homes for an appraisal company and an Insurance company. One of my other many projects is helping a friend with her Persian & Siamese Rescue. I do her website, take pictures and also help in transport if needed. Helping a Rescue is the most rewarding experience anyone can ever do! Helping a dog or cat who has been abandoned or neglected and then helping in re-homing them in whatever way you can help is the most fulfilling experience!
Our love for animals is taking my family and I on another adventure. We are currently organizing our new Alpaca farm! If you would like to learn about Alpacas and see ours, you can find them at our website Alpacas of Alagaesia.


A little about my kitties...

Hims-N-Purrs is a very small cattery in Northern Indiana. I bought my first Himalayan in 1993 and by late 1994 I became a little more knowledgeable and bought my first 2 show cats, Star and Rajah. My program plugged away producing a few nice kitties for me to show but in 1998 my program started to come around full throttle with the addition of CH Nahfoura's Natali Kohl ( a daughter of the awesome GC Twinshire Hooley Booley) from Ron & Kathleen Darden (Katron Cattery) and again in 1999 with the addition of Furrshurr's Gabby: Amazon Princess from my sweet friend Susan Eastburn (Sezanne Cattery) and  CH Oakheaven's Damn Naughty from more wonderful breeder friends, Donna Thompson (Don-Mar Exotics) and Linda Berg (Oakheaven). Last but certainly not least CH JKZOO's Kiss Me Kate from Jerry Kithcart and Steve Oster (JKZOO Exotics) who were both so nice to give me my start with Exotics! Those cats have brought me the wonderful cats I have today and I am eternally grateful to all my breeder friends who have helped me so much!

I am currently working with the following National and Regional winning lines: Beaubell, Oakheaven, Prancenpaws, JKZOO, Aegaeon, Peaceful Paws, Tabico, KingSize and Laureden.  When browsing through Our Cats page, you can learn more about each cat by clicking on the link to their pedigrees.

If you would like to learn more about Exotics, Persians and Himalayans please visit my new F.A.Q's page. There is also an awesome new website about Himalayans and you can find it at:

If you would like information on any cat shows in your area, you can go here:

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