The Boys...


Hims-N-Purrs Massimo

(pictured at 8 weeks)

(pictured at 1 year...playing with his bunny!)


Massimo is an adorable little boy we are keeping for our program. He is a Seal Lynx point shorthair with an awesome pedigree. His parents are Don Corleone and our own Millefiori, a repeat of his brother Michelangelo but pointed! Updated pictures will be coming as he grows.




CH, RW Hims-N-Purrs Miss American Pie

pictured at 7 months

Missy is one of our babies from Gabby and Not born in January of 2000. She is a solid built girl with wonderful white coat and nice dark seal points. Her head is nice, smooth and round and she has wonderful ears placed on the side of her head. Her show career was cut short due to her wanting to be a mom. She is Grand pointed and hopefully someday I can get her back out to finish her up!
Missy completed a very successful kitten season finishing the season as Best Himalayan kitten in the Midwest Region & 16th best kitten overall in the Midwest Region 2001! 
Missy was also 5th Best Himalayan Kitten Nationally!! 

If you would like to see Missy's photo shoot you can find it here.



CH Hims-N-Purrs Millilium

pictured at 8 months

Lili was our first step towards pointed exotics. She is a Blue- Cream cpc and has a wonderful body, coat, and large, expressive eyes with teeny-tiny ears, but what I love most about her is her wonderful personality. She is one of the most spoiled kitties here and who can resist her when she lays on your chest and kisses your face! She has been doing a wonderful job of passing her traits on to her kittens just as her mother, Katie, did to her.
Lili is Grand pointed and likes to come into season when I want to bring her back out to show her some more! Hopefully someday the timing will be right and we will bring her back out to get her granded!
If you would like to see Lili's photo shoot you can find it here.




CH Tabico's Tabitha of Hims-N-Purrs

pictured at almost 2 years

Tabitha is a Brown Patched Spotted Tabby Exotic Shorthair. She is a very pretty girl with a fantastic body, lovely Exotic head and a great purrsonality. I absolutely love the warmth of her coloring. She talks to you and rubs like crazy, she won't let you walk past her! She also keeps my spot on the bed warm for me all day long!
She is Grand pointed and we hope to continue showing her after she has a litter and settles in here. We are REALLY excited about the babies she has had for us...some of the best born here!!  I can't thank Deanna Sparbel of  Tabico Exotics enough for sharing this wonderful, sweet girl with me.

and Tabitha's daughter...

CH Hims-N-Purrs Busy Signal

pictured at 2 months
Now living with Karen and Fiori!

"Siggy" is a beautiful Brown Patched Tabby girl who we are so glad to have back in our program. Her mother, Tabitha, and her father, Nemo, have given us some wonderful kittens so I can only imagine how fabulous her babies will be! Newer picture and more updates coming soon!


Laureden Heaven-Lea of Hims-N-Purrs


Heaven-Lea is a gorgeous Tortie-Lynx point longhair exotic. She has one of the best personalities, very friendly (with an extremely loud motor) with a dash of mischief...she gets everyone (especially her sister Arya!) into stuff! Her pedigree is stellar and we really are excited to breed her to one of the shorthair boys when they are old enough!





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