What is an Exotic?


This is an excellent profile of the Exotic written by Barbara Sims. It is on the CFA website.  Check it out!



Some people seem to think that since the Exotic has shorter hair than the Persians that they shed less. I have to tell you this is not true! Their coat is thicker and more plush than a lot of Persians and when an Exotic sheds...they SHED! Hair is everywhere, you just don't have to worry about it tangling up into mats (although I have heard of some Exotics matting)! Combing and bathing does get you through the few weeks when shedding is at it's worst though. In no time your Exotic has back his super plush coat again to keep your face warm while you are sleeping or cuddled up on the couch!


This is a very good article on the history of the Exotic and how they became the cats they are today. It is also written by Barbara Sims and is featured on the CFA website.




If you are interested in showing Exotics then you must read through the Breed Standard for the Exotic. The Standard is a compilation of what makes an "Ideal Cat" of that particular breed.