GC Hims-N-Purrs Payton

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Payton is a son of Not's and Natali's. He has turned out to be a very nice young man. Besides being an absolute love and having a "velcro" personality he also has a wonderful cobby body, coat, color and head. His ears are nice and small on the side of his head and his eyes are nice and round. He is very extreme and has a nice strong chin. If you would like to see his pedigree you can find it here. If you would like to see his photo shoot you can find it here.
Payton is the Best Seal Point in the Midwest Region 2000-2001& 4th Best Himalayan in Championship in the Midwest Region!

Payton now resides with Ilene Leavitt of Martinicki cattery in San Antonio TX.


GP Hims-N-Purrs Solomon

Solomon is Payton's littermate. He is a Black neutered boy and is such a love. He knows he is King Solomon as he is very full of himself! He commands us to pet him upon his request and his throne is either the bed or the arm of the couch right next to myself or my husband during our relaxing moments. He is our pet and we are honored to have such a handsome pet as he! Sol had earned 58 of his 75 Grand points at the Mid-Michigan cat show in Allen Park and then earned his remaining 17 points (and then some) at the Mid-Michigan cat show in Toledo OH and became a Grand Premier! The highlight of the Toledo show for us was when Sol was made BEST CAT in Premiership in Al Lunde's specialty ring! It was quite an honor as there were many gorgeous Premiers and Grand Premiers at that show!



GP Hims-N-Purrs Higgins of Preciosa

Higgins is owned and loved by Emily Fowler of Preciosa Himalayans. We are very happy that a few of our kitties are loved by Emily! She does a wonderful job with all her beautiful kitties! Higgins is a blue point neutered male and his father is Not (CH Oakheaven's Damn Naughty) and his mother is Cinco (CH Honor's Jigsaw Puzzle who lives with Lynette Tiongson in the Philippines).



  TICA- RW, CH Hims-N-Purrs Arella of Felinart

Arella is a Tortie lynx point Exotic longhair owned by Eugenia Birkine of Felinart cattery in San Jose CA. She is a very sweet and pretty girl from Preciosa Titania and Ch Hims-N-Purrs Angus. Eugenia is showing her in TICA as she is an exotic longhair and is doing very well with her. Her first show out earned her 890 of the 300 required points plus a 7th Best Allbreed cat to become a TICA Champion. Thank you Eugenia for doing such a wonderful job with her!!!
UPDATE!!! Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Eugenia and her husband Eugene showing Arella in TICA, Arella was awarded Best Himalayan Cat and Best of Color Regionally and Arella was also awarded International 3rd Best of color for 2005-2006!



TICA- RW, DGC Hims-N-Purrs Real Gem of Felinart

Ethan is also living with Eugenia Birkine and Arella (of Felinart cattery) in sunny California! He is the gorgeous boy of GC, RW Laureden Don Corleone (below) and CH, RW Hims-N-Purrs Miss American Pie. Eugenia has taken him to his first TICA show and did a great job making 8 of the 12 kitten finals! Way to go!!!
UPDATE!!!! Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Eugenia and Eugene showing Ethan in TICA, Ethan was awarded a Regional 13th Best Kitten and Best Himalayan Kitten,  and Ethan is 4th Best Himalayan Kitten Internationally for the 2005-2006 season!!! Ethan is currently a Double Grand Champion in TICA and is almost a Triple Grand Champion. He also has been Best Kitten and Best Cat in Show several times! Thank you so much Eugenia for showing him so well and loving both kitties so much!



Laureden's Arya of Hims-N-Purrs
pictured at 4 months

Arya is a very beautiful girl who is the princess of the house since she has come! She is soooo affectionate, she demands it too! She is a Brown Patched Tabby Exotic Longhair cpc.
Arya has the most incredible body...very cobby and as wide as it is long! She has huge boning for a girl (she is really built like a boy but we won't tell the princess that!) then you go to her head... her ears couldn't be more perfect! Tiny and round and way down on the side of her head, her eyes are beautiful in color as well as size and shape! Eyes, nose and break are situated right in the middle of her round head, just like you want them! Not that coat is important to me since I am wanting shorthair BUT this girl has TONS of it!!! Gorgeous, dripping to the floor coat...a shorthair lovers nightmare!!! It is such a shame this girl couldn't be shown in CFA. I will never be able to repay Hope for this exquisite girl!



GC, RW Laureden Don Corleone

Don is another fantastic cat that Hope was so kind to share with us. He gave us beautiful babies and I hope that his 2 shorthair son's (Massimo & Joshua) will carry on Don's wonderful genetics and sweet personality...but in shorthair! Thanks again Hope, you are a wonderful friend and breeder.




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