CH, GP Hims-N-Purrs Get To The Point!

"Magnum" is a Flame Lynx point Exotic Shorthair. He was one of our building blocks for our pointed Exotic program.  Magnum has the best personality and loves attention...just like his daddy Payton, he only has loving you on his mind! You can see Magnum's Pedigree here.
Update!! Magnum accumulated half of the points he needs to Grand on the Sunday of the Grand Rapids MI show!!!
Also...Magnum accumulated another 43 points at the Jolly Rogers Feline Fanciers show to become a GRAND PREMIER!!!
Yeah Magnum!!!



  GC Hims-N-Purrs Beary Special

"Beary" is a Cream classic tabby. She has a very nice head and huge round eyes with the tiniest nose set right in the middle of them. Her pattern is wonderful, you can see it clearly from across the room even though she is cream!
You can find more pictures of Beary and her pedigree here.
Beary now is owned by Hope Gonano of Laureden and Jerry Kithcart & Steve Oster of JKZOO.
Thank you so much Hope for showing her so beautifully to her Grand!



CH Hims-N-Purrs Angus

picture by Lyn Bayliss Photographic

Angus is a Black colorpoint carrier Exotic Shorthair. His mother is Missy (CH, RW Hims-N-Purrs Miss American Pie) and his father is Niko (CH Mistekatz Niko of Hims-N-Purrs). Angus has a nice heavy body, little ears and nice big, round eyes. You can see Angus' Pedigree here.


PR Hims-N-Purrs Patriot
As a baby...

At 1  1/2  years...

more pictures here...


"Riot" is a Seal Lynx point Shorthair boy. I love a lot of things about this boy including his big, round, lovely, blue eyes and a wonderful big round head with nice smooth doming. He also has thick little legs which show off his nice boning. He will be coming out in Premiership fall of 2004 and I think he will be a blast to show! His personality couldn't be any better!!!! Riot's mother is CH, RW Hims-N-Purrs Miss American Pie and his father is Ch Kingsize Stinger Earth-Air.

Riot earned his winners ribbons to be a Premier at Midwest TGIF Fanciers on 8-7/8-04
Riot picked up 47 Grand points at Exotics Breeders Show on 8-14/15-04 in a GORGEOUS group of Exotic Premiers!
Riot will be back out as soon as his coat is back in and we have settled into the new house more!



CH Hims-N-Purrs Amber of Preciosa

 Amber lives with Emily Fowler of Preciosa Himalayans (and now Exotics!) and will hopefully be giving her some beautiful babies in the future. Amber's father is CH Kat-E-Shak's Line'Mup of Hims-N-Purrs and her mother is Just Bepaws Tabboo.


CH Hims-N-Purrs Shostopurr of Preciosa

Purrcy also lives with Emily Fowler of Preciosa Himalayans (and Exotics!) and is being a real good daddy already!  Purrcy's father is CH Kat-E-Shak's Line'Mup of Hims-N-Purrs and his mother is CH Hims-N-Purrs Millilium.



CH Kat-E-Shak Line'MUp of Hims-N-Purrs

Nemo was one of our best stud-boys! His babies amazed me more and more with each litter!!!
He is a very compact boy with wonderful bone and body. He has fantastic type with teeny-tiny ears placed well on his head and his nose couldn't be more perfect! He is a Blue Lynx point shorthair Exotic. We especially love his wonderful, sweet as honey purrsonality. If you would like to see the consistency of Nemo's babies you can find a special page of ALL his offspring here. Some of his offspring are already having litters of their own and their babies are as nice if not even better! What else could you want in a stud boy??!!!!
We are very grateful to Linda Bridges for sending such a fantastic boy to us!



CH Hims-N-Purrs Duke-of-Earl

Duke is a Blue Mackerel Tabby cpc Exotic shorthair male.
UPDATE! Duke accumulated 81 points at the Exotic Breeders show and now has another 28 points from the Jolly Rogers Feline Fanciers Cat show!! Not to bad for just 2 shows as a Champion! Way to go Duke!!
Come and watch Duke grow up here!




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