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Hims-N-Purrs is a very small cattery. Our cats are raised as our pets first. We are not a pet store and do not condone buying a furry family member from a pet store (unless it is a rescue adoption event!). We (unlike pet stores) love our kitties, each and every one, and only place kitties where we see a fit. We want to know where each of our extended family is living and doing after they are no longer at our home. We do reserve the right to refuse the sell of a cat or kitten. Our goal is to place the right kitty in the right home and not to "just make a sale".

I highly recommend anyone wanting to bring a new kitty into their home to check with all rescue groups in their areas first as there are many cats, young adults and even sometimes kittens (that are PUREBREDS!) that need loving homes that are in rescue. If you are unsure of any rescues in your area PLEASE drop me an email and I will do my best to find one for you! A great place to go is:  www.purebredcatbreedrescue.org  You can find a lot of helpful information here in regards to caring for your cat and searching for a cat. Another wonderful place to search for many kinds of animals is www.petfinder.com

Our pet kittens are sold with a spay/neuter contract.
We only place show quality cats with breeding rights. Cats sold as pets do NOT come with breeding rights.
Our pet Himalayan/Persian longhaired kittens start at $350 and go up based on overall quality. Pet Exotic shorthairs start at $400 and go up based on overall quality.
I do often place "show quality" kitties in pet homes as pets without breeding rights. Adult adoption is on an individual basis and is very reasonable (usually between $100-$200). All adult cats placed as pets are already spayed/neutered.

I do ship kitties Internationally as well as Domestically. Prices quoted are for the cat only and do not include the costs of airline ticket, rabies shots, health certificates, microchips or carriers.

I have put together a page that talks about things I have learned and do with my cats over the years. Please read my Cat Care page if you might be considering one of our kitties!!!





You can phone or email me with any questions regarding rescue information or breeders in your area.

Phone: 574-299-9356





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