Our English Mastiff...


Massilon Sir Magnus


This is Magnus at 5 months.

This is Magnus getting one of his favorite things...a tummy rub! See that smile!!!



Here is Magnus at 14 months...



These are Magnus' photos at 16 months old. We love him more and more (if that is possible!) with each passing day. His personality is the best...sweet and loving, never wants to leave your side and smart as can be (especially for treats!!). He is a special part of our family, even the kittens like him!




Meet some of the Mastiffs we have been lucky enough to foster...

The brindle dog in the center of this picture is Bugsy (Magnus is the fawn on the left). Bugsy was a GREAT dog and we miss him everyday. It was a real treat to have been touched by this sweet boy. He is seen here with Jessica and Jared.


This is Big Max! We were fostering him though the MCOA (Mastiff Club of America) Rescue program. Fostering is such a rewarding experience to be able to help out a dog in need! Big Max is the sweetest, kindest boy you will meet and we feel privileged to be able to share our family with him even if it was just temporarily. If you are interested in learning more about English Mastiffs please check out the MCOA website.


This is Gypsy. She does not like the cats so she won't be staying but she is still a very sweet dog. One thing in fostering these dogs that we have learned is how crucial it is for a dog to be adopted into a family where the dog will be part of the family and not a "trophy" or  solely as an alarm system.  It makes such a huge difference when a dog is socialized and taught at minimum, basic obedience. With large dogs like Mastiffs this is even more important as an unruly 130-230+ pound dog can be a real challenge not to mention potentially dangerous. PLEASE, if you have any thoughts of a big dog you will only adopt one if you have the time to devote to continually socializing and training them.



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