Do all male cats spray?

While males make excellent pets, many people are concerned about spraying. This is very understandable as nobody wants their home to be soiled by their kitty.

First of all neutered males should not spray!!! This is reason enough to get your pet spayed/neutered! Let's go back to the home of the breeder/rescuer where you select your kitty. Does it smell at all like a cat box? I know this sounds silly to some to ask that but some people think that cats smell and if there is a cat in the house there will be a smell, let alone if there are multiple cats like at a breeder or rescuers home! Let me tell you, if the house smells...RUN...Don't walk away!!! This home might just have cleaning issues but it also may be because of poor litterbox habits of some of the cats (not just because of males spraying!). Bad litterbox habits can be learned (from other cats or avoidance due to a medical condition) and also inherited (again, medical conditions or strong territorial drive). Cats with bad litterbox habits can often be retrained though, with some patience and a good vet. Oh, and also by spay/neutering!

So back to the spraying question...if you get your cat spayed (yes, females can spray too if not spayed!) or neutered before they reach adulthood (before 8 months) you shouldn't have any problems with them feeling the need to attract a mate and spraying around your house (which is why some do this). If you find your cat developing this bad habit you need to speak with your vet as there might very well be an underlying medical problem.