Do I have to spay/neuter my new kitty?

If your plans don't include showing and bettering the breeds health, personality and type, as well as if you didn't pay extra for breeding rights, for sure need to spay/neuter your cat. There are many reasons for spaying your cat (or neutering your boy cat!). These include:
1. It will help your cat live a longer and happier life. It can eliminate or greatly reduce the incidence of a number of health problems that can be very difficult and/or expensive to treat.
2. A female that is allowed to cycle (come into heat) repeatedly runs a very good chance of developing uterine or ovarian cancer. It also reduces the chances of breast cancer if she is spayed even before her first heat cycle. Neutering eliminates testicular cancer and decreases incidence of prostate disease.
3. Spay/neutering makes your pet a happier pet. They will be more affectionate with you when they have you on their mind instead of attracting a girl/boyfriend!
4. Spay/neutering makes girls and boys (yes, girls can do it too!) less likely to spray and mark their territory.
5. Female cats can cycle (come into heat) for 6-7 days in a row, as often as every other week, several times a year. While females are in heat they cry and howl, show nervous behavior and can attract unwanted whole males to your home to mark your home ( i.e., SPRAY!) and to attract your girl.
6. Cats that are spayed/neutered have more stable temperaments with less mood swings. It can also make them less likely to bite.
7.  It will make them less likely to want to run out the door so they can roam the neighborhood looking for a mate.  If your cat runs outside it also puts them in grave danger of getting hit by a car, stolen by someone or getting killed by a stray dog or wild animals, not to mention contracting diseases!

Spay/neutering is not only the responsible thing to do and benefits our pets but it also helps our communities and helps us keep our rights to have our pets. All over our great country people are trying to take away our pets. We have to do whatever we can to NOT give these people an argument against those of us that are animal lovers! By being responsible and spay/neutering your pet you will:
1. Help save our communities millions of dollars to control the unwanted animals on our streets.
2. Help your local animal shelters and rescues by reducing the numbers of unwanted cats/kittens.
3. Help eliminate stray animals getting into trash containers, defecating in public areas or on your own lawn!
4. Help keep an animal safe from someone who is frightened or angered by the behavior of a stray/feral cat because the person doesn't understand the cats miseries and needs.

You can go here to read more about how a community can be helped by spay/neutering:

Finally, if cost is holding you back from spaying/neutering your cat, shop around and ask vets if they can give you a price break because you want to do what is right for your cat. Also contact your local shelter/animal control to see if they know of a good but inexpensive vet to do your spay/neuter. A lot of areas have special programs if your income qualifies, for spay/neuter surgery for very little money. If you live in Indiana a very good low-cost place to go is the Neuter Scooter which travels the state doing clinics. You can find the Neuter Scooter's website here...


If you live around the Kent County/Grand Rapids Michigan area (Kent and surrounding counties) you can call C-SNIP at 616-364-1633. Or go to their website at:


In Indiana you can check on the spay/neuter assistance by going here:

Spay/Neuter services of Indiana