Pedigree of : CH Hims-N-Purrs Angus
Sex M Reg No. 7508-1377812
D/O/B 6/24/2001 Breed Exotic
Owner Leann Alexander Breeder Leann Alexander
Colour Black Call Name Angus
CH Mistekatz Niko Of Hims-n-purrs
7506-1326512 Blue
GC Careyata Starstruck Of Mistekatz
3278-1144699 Flame Point
GC Careyata Commotion
3272-1032075 Seal Point
CH Canuck Yoyo
3014-812796 Cream Cpc
CH Madame Nu Sir Gabalot Of Ken-margot 3296-650066
GC Canuck Stepping Stone 3051-378059
Karabel Lucky Charm
3273-907799 Seal Point
GC Karabel Jackpot 3276-654979
CH Karabel Fortune Cookie 3293-578474
CH Careyata Truffle
3293-1057438 Tortie Point
GC Careyata Neverending Story
3272-836148 Seal Point
GC Karabel Rumor Has It 3272-754280
GC Careyata Cashmere 3277-654038
CH Karabel Humbug Of Careyata
3047-918989 Tortoiseshell
GC Vickits Allante Of Karabel 0110-735522
CH Karabel Careless Whispers 3277-769164
Jkzoo Dustbunny
7747-1212441 Tortoiseshell
GC Jkzoo Stormchaser
7792-1130875 Brown Mc Tabby-white
Zoticats Beauchamp
7792-1119345 Brown Mac Tabby-white
NW, GC, GP Bryn Mawr Charlie Brown Of Zoticats 7744-809604
Jovan Casey Of Zoticats 7793-866620
Deran Mariah Of Jkzoo
Ticat Dream Spinner Of Deran
CH Deran Miki's Fantasy
CH Scot-zots Tatiana Of Jkzoo DM
7749-1081934 Calico
Purrsings Feel The Fire
1110-846677 Red-white
Ronlyn The Riddler Of Pansypatch 1192-572566
Pansypatch Bitta Honey Of Purrsings 0149-675250
Scot-zots Inca Dinka Zot
7709-1003458 Black
Defrey's Pretty Boy Panda 7770-732634
Defrey Divine Luvdiva 7751-996959
CH, RW Hims-N-Purrs Miss American Pie
3273-1294452 Seal Point
CH Oakheaven Damn Naughty
3272-1167031 Seal Point
GC Blueskyeyes Lucky Lover
3276-1023471 Blue Point
GC Karabel Easy Lover
3296-886156 Cream Point
GC,RW Karabel Kool Kash 3276-578473
CH Katsation Heart's Afire Of Karabel 3279-828098
CH Blueskyeyes 50% Cotton
3289-937658 Blue-cream Pt
GC Karabel Jackpot 3276-654979
GC Sandilair Cotton Pickin' Kit-n 3293-796056
Sezanne Hot Digity Damn!
3009-1029398 Black
GC Purringwood Sweet Talkin Guy
3272-848760 Seal Point
GC Purringwood Sir To Please 3272-656931
Purringwood Summer Romance 3007-831980
GC Oakheaven Hot Damn! Of Sezanne
3009-943449 Black
GC Oakheaven Damn Dave! 3008-787780
GC Purringwood Born To Please 3273-848761
Furrshurr's Gabby: Amazon Princess
3293-1099412 Tortie Point
GC Sandilair Walkin' In High Cotton
3272-656285 Seal Point
GC Sandilair Just A Mere Mirage
3272-417730 Seal Point
CH Sandilair Misty Morning Mirage 3006-334409
CH Eclipse Charisma Of Sandilair 3273-346082
CH Purringwood Embers N Ashes
3047-567818 Tortoiseshell
GRC PR Purringwood Escort Service 3272-405990
Purringwood Dusty Rose 3051-441819
GC Teahs Mystia Of Furrshurr
3289-958263 Blue-ceam Point
GC Demiara Some Like It Hot Of Teahs
3040-773720 Red Tabby Cpc
GC Demiara Sweet Basil Of Oceanstar DM 3272-486062
Framor's Kaleidoscope Of Demiara 0147-673388
Teahs Chimmy Chonga DM
3277-683803 Blue Point
IGRC Demiara Born To Be Great Of Teahs 3276-601060
CH Demiara E.t. Of Teahs 3277-564456



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