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Jolly Rogers Feline Fanciers, Elgin IL...

CH, PR Hims-N-Purrs Get To The Point! (aka Magnum) took Best Premier in
 5 of the 6 rings and also made 2-  8th Best Cat in Premierships in the Finals
 as well as getting 2- Second Best LH Premier and 1- Best LH Premier! He earned
an additional 43 points to add to his previous 40 points making him a
GRAND PREMIER!!! Yeah Magnum!!!

CH Hims-N-Purrs Duke-of-Earl, owned by Nancy Marks, picked up another 28 points
towards his Grand Championship! There were some more beautiful Exotic Champions
at this show so we are very proud of him!! He was Best Champion in 4 of the 6 rings!

Hims-N-Purrs Beary Special was up against the usual lovely class of kittens including
 Aegaeon's Jeffury owned/shown by LeslieMarschke and Bryn Mawr Amazing Grace
owned/shown by Laurie Steinhart and last but certainly not least our own little cutie
 Hims-N-Purrs Patriot of Tabico owned/shown by Deanna Sparbel. We were thrilled
that Beary was able to get Best of Breed and 10th Best Kitten in Darrell Newkirks
Allbreed ring!!! She also was awarded Second Best of Breed in Chuck Gradowski's ring!
We are so happy with how well she has been doing against such lovely kittens!!!

Sorry, I was so excited and it was a very hectic day being a one-day show...
I forgot pictures!



Exotic Breeder Show, Columbus Ohio...

Oh BOY are we THRILLED with how our babies did in Columbus at a show put on by
 the fabulous Exotic Breeders Club! First I would love to say that I was so happy to
of seen some of the nicest Exotics around including the BEAUTIFUL kitten
Spellbound Elle McPhearson who was just barely 4 months old. She is a breathtaking
 kitty and it was so nice to see such a cat of that quality in person. She was highest
scoring kitten in show and also (of course) highest scoring Exotic kitten in show. She
sure did deserve it!

Ok, now to brag about my own kitties! LOL!!  Hims-N-Purrs Beary Special went at
5 months and we are very honored that Lois Jensen made her Second Best of Breed
 in her Allbreed ring and then FINALLED her as 14th best kitten!!!!! How exciting
as there were 25 Exotic kittens there and MANY of them were VERY nice!

Also...Hims-N-Purrs Libearty went (also at 5 months) and she was made Second Best
of Breed by Becky Orlando and also by her Judge Trainee John Webster!! Then
Libby was called back for the final was made 8th Best Kitten!!! WOW!! We couldn't
be more pleased with her!!

CH Hims-N-Purrs Duke-of-Earl, owned by Nancy Marks, was shown in Championship
for the first time since becoming a Champion and he picked up 81 points toward his
 Grand Championship which is a pretty good start! He was Best Champion in 4 of the
6 rings!!  We are very proud of him!!

This is Duke in Gene Darrah's final!


This is Libby in Becky Orlando's Final!



Grand Rapids Michigan....

Sorry, no pictures but I would like to share that it was Beary and Patriot's first show at 4 months (and a breath!) and both got a lot of great comments from the judges!! Beary even came away with a Best of Breed and 3 Second Best of Breeds competing against much larger and more mature kitties!
Also Magnum accumulated over half the points he needs to Grand on the Sunday! We couldn't be more proud of him!!!
I will get pics at the next show in a couple weeks...I promise!


Toledo OH...

This is Emily Fowler and her Grand Premier Preciosa's Lemme Kiss Ya (left), Judge Don Williams & Leann with Grand Premier Hims-N-Purrs Solomon (right) when both boys Granded at the Toledo OH show in January! 


This is Sol with his little nephew Preciosa's Good-Night Kiss.
"Kizzy" did great making a couple finals in Toledo too! A big
accomplishment for a barely 5 month old kitten at such a big show!!!
Congratulations Emily and Kizzy!




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