Pedigree For

Hims-N-Purrs Massimo


GC, RW Laureden Don Corleone 12TH BEST CAT GLR 2003-2004

CH Everclassic Godfather of Laureden

GC, RW Everclassic Little Wiseguy

GC Sandleys Hot Stuff of Everclassic

CH Everclassic She's A Tease

Everclassic Betwixt

GC Sandleys Hot Stuff of Everclassic

Whitepeaks Fawn of Everclassic

CH Whisperwood's Savannah of Laureden

GC Whisperwood's Great Expectations

GC Kyaleen's On-A-Whim of Whisperwood

CH Whisperwood's Parallel Bars

Whisperwood's Sidney

GC, NW Oakheaven's Hook Line and Sinker

CH Whisperwood's Cherish

Hims-N-Purrs Millefiori

CH Kat-E-Shak Line'Mup of Hims-N-Purrs

CH Mistekatz Niko

GC Careyata's Starstruck

JKZOO's Dustbunny

CH Karissimakat Augusta of Kat-E-Shak

CH Oakheaven's Int'l Shipping Line

Valanora Twinkles

CH Hims-N-Purrs Millilium

CH Oakheaven's Damn Naughty

GC Blueskyeyes Lucky Lover

Sezanne Hot Digity Damn!

CH JKZOO's Kiss Me Kate

CH JKZOO's Raphael of Westvil

CH Jonique Bars And Stripes Forever