Here I am with my three children. From left to right is Don Jr. (DJ), myself, Jessica & Jared. We had the honor of feeding this beautiful Tiger cub through a wonderful organization called Greats Cats Of The World. They tour the U.S.A. teaching the importance of preserving these creatures in the wild and educating the public about them and how they are NOT good pets! Please visit their website and learn more about them and if they will be in a town near to you! They also offer neat things for sale that support their cause...if you can, help them out.

Remember, Extinct is Forever!!!!



Judge Paul Patton with Leann, Lili and Missy.

Here I am holding Missy and Lili (who had just finaled Best Kitten & Second Best Kitten in that ring!) and we are standing beside Judge Paul Patton. Missy and Lili did a great at the shows and made 2000 a very memorable year for me!