The Best Flea Shampoo For CatsThe Best Flea Shampoo For Cats

Whether you have a purebred or an exotic cat, it is important to know the best flea shampoo for cats. Some breeds may not respond well to flea treatments because of their genetics. With the growing number of commercial and natural cat care products, the pet owner can find the best flea shampoo for cats […]

Errors in Raising a CatErrors in Raising a Cat

Raising a pet is not a simple task. It takes time and effort if we want to make our living together enjoyable, and we can teach basic orders. In raising a cat there are several common mistakes that many owners make and that we should avoid. It is obvious that when we decide to have […]

How to Care for a Baby CatHow to Care for a Baby Cat

Maybe you found him on the street without his mother, or maybe you just adopted him, and he recently stopped breastfeeding. In this article, we will tell you how to take care of a baby cat so you can offer everything you need. Tips for caring for an orphan baby cat Caring for a baby […]

Compulsive Accumulation of AnimalsCompulsive Accumulation of Animals

The compulsive accumulation of animals is a psychiatric disorder that tries to gather pets at home and then not give the minimum necessary care. Today we talk more thoroughly about this disorder. How to determine that we are facing a compulsive accumulation of animals As in many disorders, compulsive accumulation of animals is identified by […]

Can I Take My Cat to the BeachCan I Take My Cat to the Beach

Summer and holidays arrive, and pet owners wonder if they can take their cat to the beach. Cats, feline mammals that have spent thousands of years beside humans, are currently among the most common pets. What to do with them when summer comes? The cat at the beach The cats generally are curious and nervous […]

The Best Toys for FelinesThe Best Toys for Felines

Cats are extremely playful, not only when they are young, but almost all their lives. So that they do not get bored destroying everything at home, we recommend offering toys for cats. They will be very happy with them! What are the best toys for felines? No need to spend too much money on your […]

Information on Feline PheromonesInformation on Feline Pheromones

There are certain chemical substances that allow sending different signals between animals of the same species. They are captured, mainly, by the so-called vomeronasal or Jacobson organ. This time we bring you information about feline pheromones and we emphasize the pussies. Preliminary data on feline pheromones These substances emitted by cats are associated with various […]