Activities to Exercise and Educate Your Pet

Exercising and educating your pet can be a really simple task if you know how to do it and without speeding up the training process. The spoiled of the house can often be somewhat disastrous, since, in principle, they do not have the knowledge to control their natural impulses.

We must not forget that when we decide to include these beautiful beings in our lives, the commitment is long term. That is why this time we bring you a series of games that will allow you to exercise and educate your pet, to make him a pleasant, enthusiastic, athletic and healthy companion.

The game, the best option to exercise and educate your pet

Dogs and cats get carried away by their instincts, unintentionally causing somewhat annoying or unpleasant situations. Unfortunately, this fact often leads to the abandonment of the animal, due to lack of information from the owner and even disinterest in the education of the pet.

When a pet is adopted, in most cases, people tend to lean towards puppies, not only for their unquestionable tenderness but for seeing the opportunity to educate their new partner from scratch. Even if they have developed some behaviors from past traumas, it is much easier to fight them at that age.

Hyperactivity is one of the main characteristics of these little friends, they are full of vitality and want to know the world. For this reason, games are the best option to exercise them, ‘tire them’ and educate them. Through special activities, you can develop both the physical and mental strength of the child.

By this, we do not mean that the games do not work to exercise and educate your adult pet. Performing this type of routine strengthens your bond with them; It helps them overcome past traumas in a better way,  facilitates order learning, reduces stress and keeps them active.

Activities to exercise and educate dogs

There are two types of activities you can do with your dog: those that stimulate his mental development and those that strengthen his physical endurance and natural abilities (track, hunt, catch prey). The ideal is to combine both to get the best-educated dog possible.

The first commands of the order are the best way to start. It is generally easy to get them to feel with the word ‘sit’, but to only attend to your call is more complicated. Therefore,  going up and down the stairs is a good exercise, both muscular and withholding orders related to moving forward or stopping.

Playing catch, whether a Frisbee, a toy tied to a rope and even the same dog, exercises your friend’s reflexes, also allowing him to strengthen his attention, a quality necessary for learning.

Five minutes of music or sounds of nature provide positive feelings to the dog. You can use it as a resource to reassure your furry friend if he is very anxious and suffers when he stays home alone.

Home obstacle courses are another good example. It is not very complicated, just hide a prize and put some simple obstacles like rolled towels or cushions. With this you will favor his sense of search and imagination, overcoming small difficulties.

Activities to exercise and educate cats

Cats tend to be more rebellious and impulsive due to their natural independence. Educating them is usually a bit more difficult. The owner must convince them that the task they must learn is a worthwhile skill. Hence, games are essential to exercise and educate your pet.

If you want your cat to stop biting you,  play to play dead. If he is too aggressive when he plays and uses his teeth or claws, respond by stopping playing, standing or sitting still, and ignoring him. Your cat will want to play and will quickly learn that he does not want that result.

Give toys that you can hit or catch like a rubber mouse, a ball of feathers tied to a thread. With this game, you can refine your hunting instincts, as well as drain the accumulated energy, which allows you to control your levels of excitement and aggressiveness.

Climbing is one of the passions of cats, especially since they love being above the ground. Therefore,  give your partner fun places where he can climb;  This will help you not only stay active but be away from the kitchen counter, dining room, and dangerous shelves.

Finally, if you want your cat to learn some tricks, use a clicker; If you don’t have one, you can help yourself with a retractable pen. By giving him a treat every time you use the clicker, he will associate the sound with the prize. Over time, your cat will do the trick you want every time you make it sound.

Tips to play

  • Do not saturate the animal. Exercising and educating your pet in excess can be counterproductive and frustrating for both. They probably get bored, lose interest and don’t want to continue the routine if you insist too much.
  • Stay constant. To obtain good results you must combine patience with constancy. If you do not perform routine gaming sessions, your pet will not be able to internalize what you teach.
  • Use positive reinforcement. A pet educated from kindness will learn much faster.

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