Differences Between Persian Cat and Angora Cat

Both have a very close origin (now Iran and Turkey), although they are two completely different races that are often confused.

Persian cat and Angora cat?

They are two quite popular races, chosen for their beauty and elegance. However, there are many more differences between the Persian cat and Angora cat than we think, both physically and behaviorally:

1. Nose

This is one of the most notable differences between the two races. Persian cats have a completely flattened nose – that is also their characteristic feature – while Angora cats have the same as other cats, more elongated.

2. Head and ears

Persian cats have more rounded ears and head, compared to the elongated appearance of Angora. Also, in the face of the former, it is more common to see ‘spots’ on the sides of the eyes due to an abundant tearing typical of the breed.

3. Size

Another difference between the Persian cat and the Angora cat more notable. Although we can find small specimens, the truth is that the Iranians are larger than the Turks: seven and six kilos, respectively.

In turn, the complexion of these races is very different. The Persians are more robust than those of Angora, who are characterized by having an elongated, slender and muscular body. The first measure between 40 and 50 centimeters and the second between 20 and 25.

4. Fur

We refer to the amount of hair each one has. Persian cats are hairier and ‘fluffy’, while Angora cats have shorter fur and ‘glued’ to the body. Therefore, the latter is easier to maintain since it requires less care and daily brushing, and does not lose so much hair in the summer season.

5. Activity and exercise

As for their energy level, those of Angora tend to be much more active. They like to play alone, with other cats or with people. Persians, on the other hand, can be somewhat lazy when it comes to exercising.

6. Character

Here there are not so many differences between Persian cat and Angora cat. Both are affectionate, meek and faithful to their owners. The first maybe something ‘grumpy’ and the second ‘Frisco’ if you have it in your arms too long.

The Persian constantly needs to feel the center of attention, protected and pampered. He doesn’t get along very well with children. Angora is not very sociable, but if we play with them, they will have no problem making new friends.

7. Food

It has already been said that the Persians are lazy. This sedentary lifestyle, coupled with the fact that he loves to eat, can become obese in a short time. Pay attention to what you eat and try not to overdo it with protein and fat.

On the other hand, while Angora is more energetic and spends many hours playing, they can also be overweight if the food has many proteins (which he loves). But the good thing is that with a little incentive and new toys, you will recover the figure in a matter of days.

8. Health

Due to its physiognomy, the Persian cat has skin ulcers around the eyes. This is because their tears generate fluid almost continuously. Respiratory diseases are also common because of its flat nose. Most specimens develop polycystic kidney disease. Males can also suffer from hypertrophic heart disease.

In the case of Angora cats, their most frequent pathologies are genetic deafness, dislocated kneecap, and ataxia. Like the Persian, he develops hypertrophic heart disease.

If you wanted to know the differences between Persian cat and Angora cat, now you know the characteristics of each breed. Choose your next pet!

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