Errors in Raising a Cat

Raising a pet is not a simple task. It takes time and effort if we want to make our living together enjoyable, and we can teach basic orders. In raising a cat there are several common mistakes that many owners make and that we should avoid.

It is obvious that when we decide to have an animal at home regardless of whether it is a dog, cat or any other, we want it to be happy and balanced, so we must follow some guidelines that help us achieve good breeding results.

Common mistakes in raising a cat

Give cow’s milk to drink

Did you know that the human being is the only one who drinks milk after weaning? And we don’t do it because it’s necessary but because we like it, and we can do it because our body is prepared to assimilate it.

In the case of cats, it is not like that. They only need breast milk when they are born and until two months after weaning, but afterward, neither their stomach nor their digestive system is prepared to digest or assimilate it. The myth that cats drink milk has been created, but this is not true.

Treat him like a dog

Many times we tend to think that dogs and cats are the same, and the truth is that they differ greatly between them. Their personalities, characters and ways of acting are very different and therefore have to be treated differently.

For example, dogs are more dependent and cats more detached. Felines do not need to feel integrated into a group, while dogs are pack animals. Also, the latter learn orders simply and are faithful and unconditional.

Shout at him

Cats are raisins and sometimes, even when we have taught them certain orders, they may ignore us and this makes us nervous. This situation could lead us to shout or punish him, without considering that the only thing we are going to get is that the animal is afraid of us.

Unlike dogs, cats are proud and a bit spiteful, so they will not easily forget that you have treated them badly or run into your arms as if nothing had happened.

To think that it is not trainable

It is true that since a cat is born, he learns certain basic guidelines from his mother and living with his brothers, but that does not imply that you can simply let time go by since you will have to teach him orders.

Many believe that a cat can not learn as a dog to come to our call, give us the leg, standstill when we say it and other guidelines. It is true that both species are different, and that dogs learn much faster, but cats are very teachable, it is more, you must do it because it will allow you to have a better coexistence with your feline in addition to helping you in its development.

Adopt it ahead of time

This is one of the most common mistakes in raising a cat, taking it too early from his mother’s arms.  This happens especially with breed cats since your breeder will want to get benefits as soon as possible.

To achieve this, elementary and essential processes for which a feline must be prepared are overlooked. In dogs, this first stage is called imprinting and although in cats it does not have the same name, the effect on the life of both is the same. During this time, puppies learn to interact with their siblings and their mother, and this marks certain attitudes that may be acceptable.

It is a process of socialization that will allow your cat to be a balanced, sociable, affectionate and happy animal.

Give you more account food

Pets seem to have no bottom in their stomach and are always looking for something to put in their mouths. Well, you have to know that cats tend towards obesity since they do not exercise as much as dogs.

Being overweight can lead to serious illnesses such as diabetes, urinary stones, and joint pain and skin problems. Make sure your cat has a balanced diet in which it has all the necessary nutrients and is not high in fat or hydrates.

Always remember that adopting a pet is taking responsibility and that you will have to be careful not to make these mistakes when raising a cat.

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