How to Earn the Trust of a Stray Cat

Any animal that lives on the street is distrustful, especially if it has been mistreated in the past. If you want to gain the trust of a stray cat, you will have to arm yourself with patience and follow some steps. In time, you can even take it home!

Tips to gain the trust of a stray cat

Whether you have seen it in the street or it has appeared in the yard of your house, a stray cat will be very disgusting and distrustful because he does not know you. It is usually more difficult to enter into trust with a feline than with a dog. But that does not discourage you, you can give it a home if you can become your friend:

1. Respect your space

Unless the cat is in danger in the place where it is, we recommend that you allow it to stay in the place you have chosen. There you feel safe and protected. Street cats run away from humans because they may not have had good experiences with them. Therefore, you must show him that you are different.

Respecting your safe space is the first step in gaining the trust of a stray cat. Approach only until you notice that the animal becomes nervous, meats or bristles the hair. Little by little you can take another step without considering it a threat.

2. Give him food

This is undoubtedly one of the best ways for the cat to trust you. But for that, keep in mind some very important issues. As a first step, choose a food that has a strong aroma, such as a can of tuna or an envelope of wet feed … Both options love it!

Leave the container in a place near your shelter and retire. Don’t look at him to get out of there. Even if you are very hungry, it will wait until you are far away to feed. Once the animal is eating, do not go near or try to touch it.

A good idea is to always feed him at the same time each day and use certain repetitive behaviors. For example, moving the container if you have a dry feed or opening the package in front of it are great ways to get your attention. You may have to repeat this process for a couple of weeks until you can get close when feeding.

3. Get closer and closer

Once the cat comes out when you give him food, it is your chance to earn his trust. Walk around, always leaving a distance of about three meters with the animal. Do not make sudden movements, as you will scare him and you will have to start from scratch again.

When you notice that the cat is looking at you in another way and is not so fearful, you can ‘bribe him’ with a treat or special meal: a chicken strip, some fish, etc.

4. Speak your language

To gain the trust of a stray cat we have to become equal. Therefore, you must allow him to approach first, to rub against your legs or arms – it is the way that felines have to impregnate their pheromones on objects – and to ask for pampering.

One trick if you get close to him is to look him in the eye and blink slowly. Believe it or not, that is a sign that he may feel safe by your side.

Cats are more than special beings, especially if they live on the street from puppies or have escaped from a house where they were mistreated. Don’t lower your arms, get happy with every achievement you get. You will see that little by little it will allow contact. And if you get it, before taking him home, stop by the vet for a complete exam.

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