How to Scare a Cat From Your Roof

If you live in a neighborhood community with owners who have cats, or even if there are many cats on your street, you might find one on the roof. How to scare him? Next, we will see some tips so you can sleep without frights.

It is necessary to clarify that none of these methods that we present will harm the animal since they are only tricked considering the fears of cats. It usually happens that the cat on your roof comes from the neighbor’s house. Cats do not usually do their physiological needs where they eat; Therefore, they may use your terrace or roof as a personal bathroom.

Scare the cat from your roof cheating on his nose

If talking to the owners of the cat does not give you results, then you must resort to subtle ingenuity. To do this, you will have to know more about the customs of cats. Once they mark the territory they will always return to it; the first thing you will have to deceive will be, in this way, their sense of smell.

Sulfur: they sell it in hardware stores in cylinders or bars. All you have to do is grind it and disperse it on all the edges of the terrace or roof. Above all, you should put in places where the cat urinated or defecated. This advice is one of the most effective ‘scarecrows’ that exists.

Repellents for cats: homemade or commercial, they are still another option but to scare a cat from your roof. If you turn around at home, you can make it with very aromatic ingredients such as citronella, lemon, thyme or pepper.

Different plants and repellents for cats

Plants that repel cats from the roof or the garden: in addition to those mentioned above, other aromatic plants that will serve your purpose to keep the mines out of your territory are: lavender, rue or oranges. There are also two types of aroma bush to scare away cats: the ‘Coleus Canina‘, and the ‘Pissatop’.

Commercial products to drive away cats: in general, cat repellents are made from the urine synthesized from cat predators. In this case, just throw around the area that the animal visits. However, make sure it does not contain chemicals that harm pets.

Ultrasonic repellents to scare cats: another effective method to get rid of the undesirable cat on your roof is by ultrasound; The sound of these devices is imperceptible to the human ear. The problem is that your pets will also hear these extremely sharp signals.

Keep the area clear: perhaps those cats that invade the rooftops have been attracted by some waste ever found. Do not leave anything within reach of these animals; If you throw the garbage in the door of your house, it is as if you give them an invitation card.

The only advantage of the presence of cats in the surroundings of your house is that they hunt mice. However, the toxicity of feline feces is more harmful than the possible benefits.

Citrus, spices and water use

Citrus peels: if you apply repellents, do not skimp around the pots with soil. It is in these sectors where cats like to dig and stir. One way to keep them out of your plants is with citrus peels; every two or three days, place some pieces of lemon peel or grapefruit.

Pepper: It is not about throwing pepper directly at any cat. There are two ways to apply this spice with spicy touches: on the one hand, you can sprinkle directly on different areas of the patio. In addition, you can make a homemade spray by adding alcohol. This last proposal is much more effective.

Scare the cat with water: an automatic irrigation system can scare away these curious animals for a long time. Water doesn’t hurt them, but they don’t like it either. The hose can be placed so that you can activate it every time you hear the pussy on your roof.

With a little patience and perseverance, you will surely make these bold visitors understand that you do not want to see them on your roof. It is very simple to put these tips into practice and say goodbye to bad smells and unpleasant surprises on your roof.

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