Is Your Cat Afraid of Heights

That cats love heights is not a secret, but did you know you could have a cat with fear of heights? If you have that problem, we will explain why and what you can do to help.

Why can a cat be afraid of heights

Ironically enough, fear of heights in cats is more common than we can believe. These animals have a very controlled balance and that allows them to climb to the highest and most unthinkable places in the house.

The high places like them because, in addition to being able to observe everything from above, they feel very safe because it is difficult for anyone else to get there to harm them. Even so, there are many who remain paralyzed in the heights.

Of course, several factors come into play here. It is obvious that a cat with a fear of heights will not climb on its own unless it is in danger. Danger makes us behave instinctively without meditating too much on what we do.

If your cat is afraid or threatened, it could run away and climb somewhere high. If you are afraid of heights when the danger disappears you will realize where you are and will be blocked. The same or worse can happen if it is you who puts it in a high place trying to face your fears.

Doing this will not only bother your cat because of the fear of heights but because he will lose control of the situation, something that the felines do not carry well at all. It is even possible that he suffered dizziness with dizziness that leads him to lose his balance, which is why they avoid getting off the ground, and why they could fall from somewhere high to which you have climbed.

What cats suffer

Although it could occur in any cat, this case is seen especially in puppies and in the elderly. In the former as a cause of ignorance of the surrounding environment, and in the elderly for fear of age that no longer gives them the agility and flexibility required to climb high.

The ataxia, a disease that can cause incoordination of members of the animal, maybe one of the reasons why you can have your cat afraid of heights. And as the last candidate, there is one who has been traumatized in some way for having fallen from a high place.

Is your cat afraid of heights? Help him!

Although it is not usually necessary for a cat to be in the highest areas of the house, the truth is that this is an intrinsic part of them and should not be lacking in their personality. A real case of a cat named Oscar and who is already famous in social networks shows that there is much we can do to help if a cat is afraid of heights.

This pretty cat realized that he was thousands of meters high on an airplane, something that didn’t have to be that way since the ground doesn’t see the plane. However, the cat’s instinct made him perceive that he did not like something. He got crazy and had a really bad time, plunging his owner into a state of despair.

Fortunately, the crew treated Oscar and his owner as if they were celebrities and gave them all the care and help they needed. Although the cat was the whole flight meowing, crying and very nervous, the attitude of the airline workers managed to calm their owner.

Of course, it was the first time his owner flew with him, so he did not suspect that this could happen at all. Thousands of pets fly every day in the world!

The problem came on the return flight. There was no choice but to fly again to return home. Although the easiest choice would have been to sedate him, the owner of this cat decided not to do so and replaced this with love.

He had his carrier embraced during the entire flight and gave him caresses, pampering and whispered words that kept the animal calm and silent throughout the flight, although he continued to show that it was not something pleasant for him.

So if your cat is afraid of heights, don’t force him on anything; There is no need, and just give him all the love you can. If for some reason you see yourself in a high place, help him down and look at him.

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