Panther Cat, Characteristics and Care

If we tried to list all the cat breeds that exist, it would be an almost impossible task. You already know that we have approached many of you and we are still doing it, as is the case since we are going to talk to you about the panther cat, a miniature panther that falls in love with many and hypnotizes others.

All about the panther cat


Also known as a Bombay cat, for many, it could be clear where it came from, but no, it did not originate in Bombay. The first specimens arose from the cross between a chocolate Burmese and a black American short hair.

This crossing took place in Kentucky, the United States when a breeder was looking for a special version of a black cat. Back in the 50s, a copy of pure and shiny black hair was born with eyes of indescribable depth.

What is his name then? To his great resemblance to the black leopard that inhabits the Indian country. This breed had no problems to be recognized since it was something out of the ordinary at that time. What the breeder intended was to have a black Burmese cat, but instead a beautiful short-haired cat with a jet black tone and very expressive eyes that evoke those of a panther was born.

Physical characteristics

It is a medium-sized cat, with short hair and almond eyes, large and yellow or green, as a rule. He is also muscular and flexible, with harmonic and elegant lines. His head tends to be rounded and his face wide with a prominent forehead.

His ears are rounded and slightly tilted forward. The tail narrows toward the tip and, unlike many cats, the pads of its paws are deep black just like its hair. The only color admitted to being considered purebred is jet black, without any stains or any other shade present.


The reputation of the independence of cats is broken when we meet this feline of a sociable character and who does not like loneliness. He is very affectionate and calm, does not like fights and reflects great self-confidence.

Of course, if you’ve heard that cats are curious, this takes the cake. It is one of the most visible characteristics of his personality, as well as his intelligence. Teaching this breed simple orders will not be a problem, as they will join their skills, their intelligence, their tranquility and the great affection they will feel for you.

It is ideal to have it in a small apartment, as they are very adaptable. So are the changes, which is an advantage, because knowing that routine changes will not adversely affect you is immense tranquility.

He will always look for your love and your approval, so if you are looking for an independent cat and that ‘go to his roll’ while he lets you go to yours, do not choose a panther cat.

Due to its social character, it is perfect to be a family cat, especially where there are children or other pets. Interestingly, it has been shown that this breed gets along much better with dogs than with other cats, perhaps because its character is more similar to that of dogs.

He even loves to go for a walk as if he were one of them! Put on a harness and take long walks with your cat panther. Of course, do not tire it a lot because it is not too active, but very playful.

Care and health

It does not carry the noises well, so try to keep it in quiet places. This happens because his sense of hearing is very developed and any sound, however imperceptible it may seem, could be like a roar to him.

Regarding their care, you will not need many more than those of other cats, except for those that have to do with food, since they have a kind of anxiety and obsession with it that makes them devour everything they find.

Watch your diet and do not leave food on hand throughout the day. Set schedules and, of course, watch that the food is of quality, low fat and rich in nutrients.

If you are a cat lover but would like to have an affectionate and sociable one, the panther cat will be your ideal companion.

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