The Best Toys for Felines

Cats are extremely playful, not only when they are young, but almost all their lives. So that they do not get bored destroying everything at home, we recommend offering toys for cats. They will be very happy with them!

What are the best toys for felines?

No need to spend too much money on your pets to have fun, especially if you have a baby cat at home. Felines are curious by nature and anything catches their attention. If you want to buy toys for cats, we recommend the most suitable ones:

1. Rubber balls

It is a toy that, in addition to having fun, will allow you to exercise at home. It is not necessary that you are to throw it, although it can be an interesting idea. He will take her from here to there throughout the house.

Take into account the size of the ball and especially of the material with which it is made, to avoid being bitten, broken or eaten. Some kittens like small balls to take with their mouths, other big ones to catch them with their powerful claws.

2. Fishing rod

Another of the toys for felines that will make you spend hours very entertaining, even when you are home alone. The fishing rod is basically a stick from which hangs a thread from one of its ends. On the other side of the rope is a pen, a ball or a doll.

It is placed in a place where the ‘fish’ is flaming and ready. The cat will take care of the rest: it will move it with its front legs, bite it, grab it, etc.

3. Toy mice

This toy can be battery operated, made of felt, made of plastic, with a rattle … And you will love it. Beyond the mouse shape – which can be any other -, the truth is that cats like to catch and chase their prey.

If your pet is always inside the house, this toy can help you not to lose your natural hunting instincts. Teach him to capture him when he is in a corner, under the table or behind the sofa. A good idea is that if you do, give him a prize.

4. Scrapers

We could say that a scraper is like an amusement park for a cat. While they can be somewhat expensive, we also have the possibility to make one ourselves. Keep in mind that it requires some space and above all stability to avoid falls.

The scrapers are vertical structures covered in velvet ropes or fabric, which may include spaces for your pet to hide. It also has platforms at different heights so you can jump from here to there and entertain yourself a lot.

If you have more than one cat at home, we recommend that everyone has their ‘personal’ scraper where they can capture their aromas. This will avoid unnecessary fights.

5. Circuits

Another of the toys for felines that may require some investment of money … and space at home. It is a ground-level platform that includes undulating or straight sections and encourages your hunting instincts. It also helps them have greater agility and exercise.

The circuits can have tunnels, balls, lights, sounds … like a Disney cat. It is easily assembled and disassembled and can be placed both indoors and outdoors because it is plastic.

And if your budget is not enough to spend on toys for cats, you can always give a nice cardboard box. We don’t know very well why … But the cats are fascinated! You can fill it with a newspaper or just leave it open for investigation. He will spend hours inside her.

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